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Kylie Bishop


Take a leap of faith - in yourself.


You're the best person to make your dreams come true.


To support you to reach your own version of incredible.

Incredible comes from within.

Welcome to Incredible U

Where the focus is on you; where leaps of faith happen regularly; and where incredible comes from within. With your coach or mentor you will create a relationship where honesty and confidentiality are a given and where your definition of success is a working strategy. A relationship that connects and encourages your strengths and develops any important weaknesses. A relationship that offers clarity, positivity and proactivity. You are the best person to make your dreams come true but you are unlikely to be able to do it alone, nor will you want to. Your coach and mentor will be a great person to have on your team and someone you can tap in and out of as your career progresses.

The Incredible Story

After a number of years coaching and mentoring under one of my other company banners, a series of things brought Incredible U to life.

The first was my involvement in the wonderful process that is the Telstra Business Women’s Awards and its slogan: “Incredible Can Come From Anywhere”. A strong message that struck right to the heart of my philosophy as a coach and mentor.

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Our Focus Areas

Coaching for who you are now, and mentoring for who you will be in the future.

About Us

Incredible U was founded in 2013 and has successful South Australian business woman, Kylie Bishop, at its helm.

Kylie is a Managing Director, a CEO, an entrepreneur, a board member and a coach and mentor. She is a mother to five children and has felt the impact of divorce, marriage, cancer and depression whilst maintaining a jam packed professional career.

After more than 20 years in professional consulting environments, Kylie was announced the South Australian Telstra Business Woman of the Year in 2012; the winner of the Hudson Private Sector Award and was runner up in the Nokia Innovation Award.

In addition to a corporate career, she has founded 3 companies and offers her clients a perspective from a broad skill set:

• finance and people management
• Small and large business dynamics
• effective communication
• business and risk analysis
• strategic planning
• policy, procedure and process development
• team building
• governance

She is a pragmatic solution provider with strong EQ who influences an outcome with an uncanny ability.
Kylie is known for her positive energy, her ability to keep it real and her passion for people and business.


Our Focus Areas

Coaching for who you are now, and mentoring for who you will be in the future.

Client Testimonial

This is what our clients have to say

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My sessions with Kylie lift the uncertainty and trepidation that can be experienced in daily business life, and inspire me to create and conquer new opportunities. Kylie’s accounting background gives her a keen eye for impacting the bottom line, and her excellent interpersonal skills make her a valuable sounding board for HR issues. Kylie’s wisdom has enabled me to embrace opportunities, to act strategically, and to be empowered to have a fulfilling career which compliments the needs of my family life

--- Jane Miller, Partner, Tindall Gask Bentley Lawyers
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Kylie’s unique combination of empathy and discipline, coupled with a diverse background of business experience, make her an extraordinary mentor and leader.Thinking outside the square, looking at the bigger picture and keeping yourself ‘human’ throughout the challenges of business ownership are some of the underlying principles behind Kylie’s advice .Sessions with Kylie feel like casual chats with a long-time friend but she weaves structure and discipline within so the end results are direct actions and outcomes.Always listening and guiding you to find the answers, questions like “so how are you going to manage that?” drive discussion and planning and help you direct your thought processes to a solution that best suits you.


--- Jo Shanahan, Managing Director, DVE Solutions
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I appreciate and value Kylie’s clarity, can do attitude and faith in my ability. This has enabled me to achieve my goals, which at the time I thought were virtually impossible, with only ten months of coaching and mentoring by Kylie...


--- Kea Imgraben, Managing Director, KD&A