April Book of the Month from Paulette Kolarz

April Book of  the Month from Paulette Kolarz

Life In Half a Second by Adelaide based Matthew Michalewicz is not only an inspiring short read but is also a practical tool kit that provides a step by step guide to success, great personal stories to assist create the ‘aha’ moments and practical action exercises after each chapter to well and truly put you on the path to success (if you choose to follow them). This book is definitely a must have addition to your favourites on the shelf so you can access whenever you are in need of a bit of extra encouragement and direction.

Using science and research as a base, Matthew highlights how little time we have on this planet and how most people are spending it ‘doing what we have to’ rather than ‘what we want to’. He poses the question – “Why not live life like it is a dream?”

While there are a lot of books out there on success and goal setting, Matthew has not necessarily recreated any new information however he has distilled, sequenced, personalised and simplified the journey to success down into 5 doors. While I am sharing an overview of the 5 doors, I am not spoiling the read as each chapter delves in much deeper into how to do these steps.

5 Doors to Success

  1. Clarity – Define what you want, make your goals precise, visualize your goals and share them with family and friends.
  2. Desire – How much do you want it? Align your goals with your desire.
  3. Belief – What do you believe?  What are your belief barriers and evaluate your environment.
  4. Knowledge – Discover how others have achieved what you want, create a goal pyramid and invest in yourself.
  5. Action – Act, consider your milestones and replace ‘cant’ with ‘don’t want to’.

The Goal Pyramid is one of my favourite parts of the book as for me, it is the point where you can turn wishful thinking into something tangible as it highlights the path to take and also assists in connecting your big goals to your daily activities.

This book is not only appropriate for anyone wanting to be successful…..it is also a great read to provide your children (if you can get them to read it). There is a great story on page 96-98 about a guest speaker who speaks to his school and starts off with “If you’re not going to college, then quit school today!…….because McDonald’s need you” which may hit some chords.

I have had the privilege of working with Matthew. His extraordinary background of achievement and the fact that he is ‘living his dream’ is a great testament to the fact that he follows his own advice provided in the book and I cannot recommend it more highly.

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