August Book of the Month from Leidy Alvarado

Quiet Leadership by David Rock


David Rock has been studying for years about how the brain works and its link to leadership. Consequently, in his book Quiet Leadership, he uses a brain-based approach to explain in detail one very simple question:  As a leader, what is the most efficient way to help someone improve their performance at work?

When a leader enters a conversation with the intent of managing someone better at work, they tend to focus on the performance itself and rarely discuss which habits might be driving the employee’s performance and even less often have a conversation about the person’s feelings or thinking. As a result, they keep going in circles with no sign of progress or better performance at work.

A practical six-step guide is presented in this book on how to have an effective conversation in a few minutes with a person who needs to change in a way. If the “effective” conversation is managed as detailed in the book, an improvement on their performance could be certainly expected.

How does it happen? Leaders do not assume that people come to them for a solution. A quiet leader improve people’s thinking around them–literally by developing the way their brains process information–without telling anyone what to do.

In summary, it is proven that as leaders we need to become masters at helping people create new insights for themselves, new habits they could develop to bring solutions closer when facing a challenge at work. Once people have new insights for themselves, our job as quiet leaders is to provide the encouragement, ongoing support and belief in people, over time, to ensure that the new habits they developed are there to stay.

I was sceptical of a new leadership approach given the several articles and books about this topic in the market. Nonetheless, I can truly say from personal experience that David’s brain-based methodology saves time, creates more energy and transforms performance. Moreover, I have become more effective at inspiring high-quality thinking in my project team. Enjoy your reading!

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