January Books of the Month from Bec Pannell

  • January Books of the Month from Bec Pannell
  • January Books of the Month from Bec Pannell
  • January Books of the Month from Bec Pannell

The question book coverThe decsion book cover

The Decision Book: Fifty models for strategic thinking and The Question Book: What makes you tick? by Michael Krogerous and Roman Tschäppeler

 Nibble sized nuggets of knowledge – tuck in.

These pint sized best sellers are the curious woman’s best friend. A combination like a pocket MBA and a good mentor, you will be armed with more effective decision making and be challenged to tease-out and to gaze-in.

The Decision Book offers over 50 succinct and stimulating methods for reviewing and making decisions, thinking through problems and working towards continuous improvement– both personal and professional.

You will find the usual suspects: the Pareto Principle; SWOT analysis; and the Maslow pyramids, but you will also be introduced to socio-cultural thinking on “belonging” and “identity”, musts for those wishing to understand their markets. Topics range from conflict resolution; crossroads decision-making; how to be creative un-creatively; goal setting; and cognitive dissonance.

I really like this book. It provides simple, relevant images and diagrams and offers loads of options for solving that sticky issue. There are great ideas for team reinvigoration and strategic planning days. The book ends in lessons in how to doodle – vindication for what others might see as distraction!!

This book will be attractive to people who like to challenge their thinking and who appreciate a new perspective. In summary: A buffet of bits to chew on.

The Question Book is the follow-up to The Decision Book and is a great companion piece. It works on the notion that values and self-knowledge help to inform our decisions, the roads we take and the relationships we have.

The Question Book is terrific for anyone about to change careers, countries, partners or political parties! The premise of the book is simple – answer the questions quickly and reflect on them at leisure and often. There is no such thing as a wrong answer and unlike an exam, you can return to the questions, change your answers and even ignore whole sections.

Ponder questions ranging from: “who is your favourite staff member and why?” to “what are you sitting next to right now?” Even confess: “something you know absolutely nothing about”; “something that makes you cry”, “something that is sacred to you” and “something you spend too much money on”. Of course BIG TOPICS such as sex, siblings and death are all there too.

I worked through large sections of this book with my team in preparation for the year ahead, and we were all surprised by how much we hadn’t thought about some of the really important questions about life.   It made us more aware of the people around us and we agreed that the reasons we do what we do were embedded in our answers.

So, if you are curious to find out how you and others tick, what underpins your decision-making, and why you might be feeling uncomfortable/happy in your current job/relationship, then these little gems are for you.

And for those who like to read about their vices on devices, the books are available on itunes. You can even work through those tricky decisions from The Decision Book online at www.cognician.com.

Happy reading and thinking!


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